Goodbye Minnesota, Hello Tennessee

As our first semester of college students creeps to the finish line, the process of writing about place has probably became second nature to most of us. The first assignment we received we had to write about the place that we live and its significance. I ended up writing about my high school soccer stadium back in Rosemount, Minnesota. Line after line I filled the page with love towards the stadium and the comfort it brought me in a past time. Over the course of English 111 we have carried this thought of place and what it means to us throughout the semester. I have spent countless hours in my dorm room writing about places that are foreign to others but home to me. Sometimes I stop writing and look around. I look at the white walls of my dorm that were once bare. They are now covered with pictures and quotes, simple decorations that express who I am. Continue reading

There’s No Place like Home

The smell of the freshly-cooked dressing drifts around the house. A low grumble makes its way to the ears of the people siding beside you. Every one gathers as the blessings begin. As soon as we all say “Amen,” the crowd disperses toward the elegantly displayed food, trying their best to get ahead of one another. Thanksgiving is a day that numerous people around the world celebrate in different ways. It is a day that is set aside for many people to give thanks for the things they are grateful for. Many people prefer to travel on this holiday, while others like to keep things simple and enjoy a nice meal with their family. On the other hand, there are some who do not celebrate Thanksgiving or any holiday for religious reasons; however, my family falls under the simple category.

Being at home with my family is one of the best parts of being back in my hometown, Somerville, for the holidays. I appreciate the time spent cooking with my mom and being able to indulge in all of the good home-cooked food, which ranged from honey smoked ham and dressing to green beans. Every time I come back to this place, it brings back all the memories, whether good or bad, from my childhood. The numerous days I’ve spent packing, preparing to travel to my second home for the holiday. I always enjoyed traveling every other year to Alabama to spend the holiday with my dad, but no matter what Somerville was always the place to which I returned. The home that gave me the freedom as a child to enjoy the outdoors with my brothers. My home is the place that I know I can always return to whether it is for a holiday or not. This is the place that shaped me into the person I am now, and a place that I would forever be grateful, too.

True meaning of celebrating the holiday together!


The Memphis Zoo

The Memphis Zoo is a focal point in the Memphis community. It has hundreds of thousands of people flocking to it from near and far. It is a wonderful place to visit during almost anytime of the year, even in the winter! In the winter to “Zoo Lights” are open and the Memphis Zoo turns into a magical winter wonderland. The Zoo brings the community together. It is hard to find someone wo has not gone to the zoo yet.

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CBU Men’s Basketball Home Game

History has just been made! November 12, 2014, the Bucs played their first exhibition of the season against the Tigers from the University of Memphis. Fighting three quarters, the game came down to the nitty and gritty. The Bucs trailed by two with only 1:26 on the clock.  Ryan Fleming sunk two free throws to put the Bucs into overtime with 39 seconds left on the clock. A triple put the Bucs ahead byt three and two pairs of free throws sealed the game. After defeating the University of Memphis Tigers(70-74) , the Christian Brothers Men’s team rose to the number 9 in polls for the season. Continue reading

Sharing Christmas Joy with Friends

Around this time last year, my friends and I formed an a capella group. An a capella group is a singing group which is performed without musical instruments. The sound of the musical instruments is made with the mouth. After practicing long and hard for songs such as “Royals” and “Do You Hear What I Hear,” we were ready to showcase our beautiful voices. My family and I went to the Singleton Community Center in Bartlett, Tennessee, to share the Christmas spirit with our family friends. This was a big event for me because I have always been afraid of singing in front of a crowd. At the Singleton Community Center, we all gathered to hear different Christmas songs in English and Malayalam, a language most commonly spoken in Southern India. When we performed our songs, everyone gave us a big round of applause and gave wonderful compliments. I felt very happy because the audience were our family and friends who we have known for a long time, and I was very happy to share my talents with them. After we were done singing, it was time for the traditional Indian meal. At the Singleton Community Center, everyone started to set up the area where everyone is going to eat. We all sit down to find rice, different curries, and papadaam (like a plain potato chip) on a banana leaf. Once everyone is done eating, it is time to go home and enjoy the excitement we had for that day, and the wonderful adventure of the first time of singing to an audience as an a capella group.


Far Away from Home

When I first read the essay by Savage, I was struck by how he goes into detail in telling us how Jacksonville has changed completely since he left. How he pictures it when he thinks about his childhood home is not the same as what he is seeing when he looks at the town. Everything he used to do in town has either changed into something new or been abandoned. He tells us that the town offered his siblings and him many opportunities that they wouldn’t have been offered in more urban settings. But something in the town makes him feel a sense of complacency, of isolationism, and is almost omnipresent.   Continue reading

Summer Memories

My siblings and I spent most of our summers at our grandparent’s house, playing outdoors and visiting our extended family. We made a lot of memories in this tradition, between the twelve-hour road trip and the extended stay that offered ample time for activities and virtually no obligations.

Every June, yellow and red striped tents would migrate into the parking lots in front of the local Dollar General and Piggly Wiggly stores in my grandparent’s hometown. On the days that heat was bouncing off the blacktop, people would stop by the Sonic for a cold drink, wander over into the tents seeking refuge from the heat, and inevitably come out with Saturn missile batteries and roman candles, pretty much everything needed to make a great fourth of July or implode half a tree’s worth of apples. That’s what we chose to do one lazy summer afternoon, while my grandparents napped after specifically telling us not to be noisy. My brother and I hollowed out about a dozen apples and stuffed cherry bombs into each one. We lined them up, lit them, and watched apple flesh fly everywhere while howling with laughter. Continue reading

Teenage Improvement Club (TIC)

On June 4, 2012, I joined a wonderful organization full of intelligent young ladies,   who were willing to lean how to become Women and Young ladies who wanted to change the community. This organization was founded by Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.

In this organization we learned how to give back to our community, we learned how to be a great leader, and we also learned how to be leaders in the church. TIC has been a great help to the Memphis community. The young ladies,as a group come together and help figure out ideas that would make the place better. TIC has has complete a lot of community service projects. For example, every year our group help the Salvation Army with the angel tree and occasionally one of the TIC leaders get an angel and provide them with toys, clothes, and many other things depending on the age of the child.

This year some of the TIC members helped with giving back to the community by providing some things that the Lee family needed. The Lee family lost their home while they were in Boston. Elnora Blackledge Lee, who is my cousin, lost her home while getting her daughter treated for cancer in Boston. The TIC group is really important to me because it gives me a chance to learn about sisterhood and what it means to be apart of a changing community. Being involved is really important to the TIC group because we were taught that giving back to a community could change that community but it could also build strong leaders.



Lamar Road

      The Imperfections of Lamar

     If you live in Memphis, you know or have heard about Lamar Road. Packed with cars and trucks at any time of the day. The odor coming from the exhaust of the vehicles smells as if there was a constant flow of gas going up and down the road. The traffic signals are often noted as useless structures due to the amount of people that run the lights. The road itself is murdered with holes and bumps from the beginning to the end. Almost as if you were driving through a field or a road made of red gravel. The scenery you get as you drive on this road is also hideous. The buildings are destroyed, spray painted with someones unique symbols. Some are barely hanging on, while the others are light vacant, left to sit forever. The sad sights of a homeless person wearing their battered clothes and carrying all their possessions is a common sight to see.  This road will often hinder people from coming to Memphis. It is one of the more common roads to use to get to there. People coming from a state other than Tennessee will often use this road. This gives the person an instant impression of Memphis. While Memphis is a beautiful city, no one wants to be put in a bad mood just from the trip to get there. Maybe one day the city of Memphis will decide that it is time for remodeling, and the road can be like it was when it was first built back in the early twentieth century. The road was clean without any bulges or crevices in its surface. All the buildings and stores along the road were in perfect condition. The road and its surroundings made it a pleasant entrance to the beautiful city of Memphis.